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West Texas Junior Golf


Mission Plan

Our mission is to introduce juniors to golf and fitness and assist them in experiencing this game to the fullest.  We aim to train our students, with sound education from proven instructors, and prepare them for Middle and High School Golf.


Our vision for this program is to grow the game through the junior, grass roots, level.  It is our duty, as PGA Professionals, to grow the game and ensure that our students, and all golfers alike, have a vibrant future to play and compete.

Our program is unique and the only full-time junior based program within 275 miles of Lubbock, TX.  Our goal is to grow this program into a 100-200-300 level of instruction on multiple sessions during the week.  We invite any junior that wants to play golf to join our academy and we invite their friends that are interested as well.  We are going to have fun while also learning all aspects of this game we love.

We are aiming to have all interested students compete in PGA Junior League Golf.  This program is a golf team that learns and competes together in a friendly, casual environment.  This league has the same values that our academy does and is a great addition to the calendar.  Our team will learn and compete, in season, and hopefully make it to Regionals/Nationals for the PGA Junior League Team Championships. In 2016, we sent 3 players to the All Star Team for our league.


All Students, ages 5-12 and 13-16, who are members of The West Texas Junior Golf Academy, will focus on the fundamentals of golf such as full swing, putting, chipping, rules, and etiquette.  We will incorporate team based competitions and fitness to prepare our students for Middle and High School Golf.

Our Sessions will be on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at The Rawls Course for 5-12 year olds and Saturday’s for our 13-16 year olds. (Winter Sessions – Days & Times will vary)

  • Our 5-8 year olds’ session will start at 4:00pm and last for 1 hour.
  • Our 9-12 year olds’ session will start at 5:30pm and last for 1 ½ hours.
  • Our 13-16 year olds’ session will start at 9:00am and last for 1 ½ hours.
  • please be 15-min early for each session, so we can start on time

Rules and Etiquette are going to be a very important aspect of our program. Sound instruction is vital to learning the game, but ladies and gentlemen are not made by instruction alone; it is the rules and etiquette that rounds us all out.  We aim to incorporate these subjects into our sessions and strive to have the students understand the “why.”

Rules are always evolving and we will teach our students the proper and best way to utilize the rule book.  Over the years we have seen many changes to the USGA Rules of Golf, so these sessions will be two sided; the instructors honing their rules skills and the students will continually be learning new facts and putting them to use every time they tee it up.

Topics of etiquette are going to be, but not limited to: Fixing ball marks, raking bunkers, being quiet and courteous, where to stand and being still when others are swinging or putting.

We aim to build competition into every session. Linking the topic of the day (chipping/pitching/putting/etc.) to a contest and evolving into 3-6-9 hole matches.

Our Instructors

  • Gregory Fields, PGA
  • Jay Thomas, PGA
  • Rosie Schoemann, PGA Apprentice
  • Jacob Kleiss, PGA Apprentice


If you are interested or have questions about our program, please email Rosie Schoemann: or call 806-742-4653 for more information.